Hello Doctors!


Hello Doctors,

As we know that in this era where every single person lives on the internet you have to have a very strong presence in the virtual world. We understand how much of blood, sweat and tears are invested in the making of a doctor, and when you don't get your due credit, when you don't get enough number of patients, you have to use every possible means to increase your reach among people and that can only be done by, Digital Marketing!

digital marketing for doctors

While we are experts in the entire digital marketing sphere we have a flair for making doctors into brands. So we at
THE KINGMAKER INDIA offer a special branding solution specifically designed for doctors. This special package
consists of features like:

  • Branding only after following MCI Guidelines:

    Every step of the branding is in accordance to the MCI Guidelines so that you don't have to think twice in putting your best foot forward

  • Content Planned and Approved by MD doctors:

    Your strategy and our content are analyzed by an MD doctor before moving forward so that you can make a more informed decision.

  • Health Animated Videos:

    We make Unforgettable animated videos to make your approach more intriguing. The animated videos projects a modern and fresh image of you and your clinic
  • Camps and Lectures:

    Being effective on social media is well and good but the efficiency of being among the people is something else, so we organize various interactive sessions for you where you can reach out to the masses one-on-one, these sessions include well-designed leaflets and highly informative presentations that projects you like a hero in demand.
  • Social Media Marketing:

    Now the most effective of all, we create and maintain all of your social handles where we consistently create a buzz all over the internet, this will make your presence felt in every corner of the virtual as well as real world.
  • Special Websites Made for Doctors:

    Our development team collaborate with top medical practitioners and MD doctors to design a fully customized website designed especially for you, that reflects all your medical prowess and achievements.
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